Productivity in 2022 – with empathy and learning interventions

Productivity in 2022 – with empathy and learning interventions

People Productivity in 2022 – with empathy and learning interventions – yes, gentle but firm.

Lipi Sachdeva, Managing Partner for Project Lifeskills , an erstwhile CHRO and HR professional with nearly 4 decades of experience – has an apt phrase which defines her company : First Think, Second Dream , Third Believe .. and finally Dare.

The areas of focus for Lipi , who specializes in BPO and allied services- very manpower intensive sectors, in 2021 has been :

  • Improving Operational Efficiencies and People Productivity
  • Conducting Objective and Legally Defensible Layoffs
  • Making remote/WFH work without reduction in productivity & engagement

Note : Productivity needs to be driven more thru self-motivation and gentle nudges rather than a more intrusive, “I am the boss and I will tell you what to do” approach. Uncomfortable topics and discussions around layoffs to reduce cost and manage productivity (yes, everyone is not able to manage WFH – and many times , its not their fault – it’s the internet, the family operations and the like.) Women have especially struggled, with every one at home and no work boundaries.

2021 is ending and COVID is still a possible threat. Business trends, expected in 2022 include:

  • Monetize the uncertainty though Innovation
  • Get the Business back to pre-COVID levels
  • Digitization to drive ROI

Key Take-aways in Business Trends: Innovation will be of premium to manage the future with Digitization is a continuation of trend from 2021. Business is still not back on track and moving back to pre-covid levels is a key driver and objective for all business leaders.

In the above backdrop, how will the HR trends look like? As per Lipi, emerging trends will be:

  • Technology focused on Performance (PMS & BSC)
  • Gig economy and Consulting as a practice
  • L&D: Workers have the skills and tools they need to navigate uncertainty

In one word, HR will learn to balance. How can this be achieved? Can we optimize our Leaders with efficient systems – which they can access remotely (yes, they too will be dealing with WFH ) which will give them a one-view of the teams and their productivity and performance on a real-time bases – using non – intrusive data collection methods ? These teams will include Gig workers and consultants – who are increasingly becoming important components of the workforce. We invite you to check out the Talent Management Framework and PMS from Pexitics :

We help you increase Productivity and manage diversity (fulltime, gig, consultants) and an increaingly millennial workforce with smart and convenient frameworks and systems.

What are the most important People Problems you want to solve in 2022? Performance management using tools Better HR practices L & D is the most pressing area of focus for Lipi and her team.

With Innovation, Digitization and a more “gentle but firm – with empathy” style of Team management required today, Learning and Development will become the engines to bring about change.

Which 3 traits are necessary to be a good leader starts with Empathy followed by Domain knowledge and People management skills. Dear Leader, I hope you are listening.

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