What Business wants in People Management – to succeed in 2022

What Business wants in People Management – to succeed in 2022

Mr. Raju BPG , Director of Business Operations at TTIPL (operations in India, Dubai, Armenia, Canada, USA) has a clear view on how COVID has influenced 2021 Business objectives and HR Practices . Lets also see how the new year will unfold, with an emphasis on People Management and Productivity

Dr. Raju BPG

Dr. Raju lists the top 3 challenges in 2021 in People Management as

Conducting Objective and Legally Defensible Layoffs : With logical and scientific inclusiveness any strategic decision will be easily implemented. As these should be backed objectively and by facts. People should understand that business cannot run by emotions. The company may however balm the negative effects to consider applications or reinstating laid off workers, selectively. “Known devil is better than unknown Angel”

Quelling Employee Duress during times of uncertainty : Situational analysis should be well explained through the rank and file of the organisation. This will prevent negative emotions and stress amongst the employees or associates

Improving Operational Efficiencies and People Productivity : As revenues get reduced, controlling costs and increasing efficiencies are the best or only alternatives. All the stake holders both internal and external should be taken into confidence and policies be implemented swiftly.

Its been a tough year and dealing with People issues has been a juggling act for any Team Manager.

The New Year is here . The 3 areas of focus for Dr. Raju  in 2022 (Business Focus)

  1. Reduce costs : This focus will continue in 2022
  2. Get the Business back to pre-COVID levels: This is going to be difficult as most of it depends on external factors
  3. Monetize the uncertainty though Innovation: Constant innovation builds reputation and increases the R & D spend resulting in more technology adoption, adaptation and innovation

Business is still down – as compared to pre-COVID levels. And the focus remains firmly on reaching similar levels at optimised costs – and understanding that the uncertainty in business environment will need Innovation to deliver on Business goals.

Emerging trends in HR include

  1. Data becomes the new currency – HR Analytics
  2. Technology focused on Performance (PMS & BSC): Technology is unemotional, and the best tool used for this
  3. L&D: Workers have the skills and tools they need to navigate uncertainty: Progressive companies should have a robust learning and development environment built in to prevent or better equipped to handle the vagaries of external environment.

 What are the most important People Problems you want to solve in 2022? Expansion through

Acquisition. Job uncertainty has made good talent available at optimised costs and this is an opportunity to capitalise on Talent Acquisition.

Which 3 traits are necessary to be a good leader includes Conscientiousness, openness, paranoid – about quality-of-service delivery as well as pipeline of business acquisition.

The Focus remains on Data driven People Practices and techniques like HR analytics, Balance scorecards and the like to manage and drive People Productivity. Talent Acquisition is also digitally driven and the ability to handle uncertainty with innovation and openness (to new ideas) will help a Business Leader succeed in 2022.

Yes, dear HR team, lets bring these concepts into the regular practices in People Management. We invite you to check out the Talent Management Framework and PMS from Pexitics : https://pexitest.com/SampleReports/PMS%202021.pdf

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