Career Guidance

Psychometric Assessment Career Aptitude Test will help Students, Job Seekers and Parents to understand their preferred career Choice. Reach Ritu at +91 734966 2320 for a discussion

Career Aptitude Test begins with students, high-school and college, making decisions about education and career that will impact the rest of their total lives. It continues into our professional life, as we move between jobs and companies .

We know in which people are happier and satisfied in their career when they choose profession work that fits their aptitude trait. Finding a profession path which allows them to build up their natural capabilities will allow them to express their maximum potentials. Our Career Test tool follows the Preference + Capability theory that different individuals have got varying amounts of interest and multiple intelligence in different career fields. By taking our Career Aptitude Test any individuals can choose the best career for them.

Psychometric Career test

Multiple Screening Tool

Career aptitude test tool will help you to choose the best career options based on your interest, capabilities and potentials. You will get report with subject selection, personality types, relevant intelligence and Profession choices .

Career Counselling

Career Counselling and Mentoring

Certified career counsellors will identify the true potentials and career traits based on scientific assessment methods. Career counsellors will take the inputs from Student, parents, individuals and craft the best career.

Career Guidance and Admission

Course, College and Admission Assistant

Career consultants will assist you on best courses to peruse, across Professional courses. We have wide range of popular college and university network, which will help you take decision faster and save your Time and Energy.

Career Counselling for Professionals

Career Test for Career Change

Looking for career change from current job or not sure what to do next. Our Professionals career assessment will help you to identify your passion and choose the profession.

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