People and Talent Insights

Our USP is: Realtime data driven Insights for People & Talent problems Gathering People & Talent insights are often long processes – taking 15 – 90 days. We at Pexitics have perfected the art of generating People and Talent Insights in 7 days!These are Reliable, Repeatable processes, backed by Technology and Data – to deliver

Analytics & Data Science

Are you using all the data that is being generated in your Business for increasing your Business Profits ? Metrics are a part of any Senior Management role. It is the only way to understand across different verticals if Performance standards (KPIs and KRAs) are being met . Additionally, ERP systems, Social Media systems and

Behavioral Risk for Loans

Our ‘Intention to Pay’ ItP Q12 survey assesses customer intent for Loans. This is especially relevant now, as the ability to pay assessed through credit ratings have taken a dip post COVID and for New-to-Credit customers where a credit track is not available. ItP Q12 enables better Credit Risk Management and Risk segmentation. ItP Q12

Digital Decision Support Systems


Importance of Digital Process Management in today’s world

The key challenge is the continuous Insights generation and Insight for Decisions ability – which requires structured databases, quick and effective Insight outputs (like reports and recommendations) and the ability of the managers to use these Insights for Smart Decisions.

People Excellence Indicator Analytics aka Pexitics is on a mission to bring Insights from Data into everyday Decisions in the workplace. We provide Analytics and Data Science services that build value – and improve Business ROI. To create meaningful impact and value, we offer expertise in all aspects of your analytics journey – from business and data strategy to data engineering, data science, visual analytics , all concluding in Insights.

We create Digital Decision Support Systems (products that act like a digital brain) and request you to check out – our in-house offering of Talent Assessments and Surveys

Our biggest strength is the Highly Experienced team of experts , starting with our founding team members, Reuben Ray (CEO) and Subhashini Sharma Tripathi (Chief Data Scientist)

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Founder Profiles @ Pexitics
Reuben Ray// Chief Everything Officer & Co-founder, & . Reuben has 20+ years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Business Development Leadership with a focus on Psychology and Data decisions. (Check out: )
He has 2 books on his name : Reasoning Our Choices & HR Analytics In-Depth

Subhashini Sharma Tripathi//Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder, & Subhashini has 20+ years of experience in Analytics and Data Science . (Check out: )

She is the Author of “Learn Business Analytics in Six Steps using SAS & R” – Apress and HR Analytics In-Depth

Operating Address : T2, Sheriff Pearl Apartment, Berlie Street, Langford Town, Bengaluru 560 025. INDIA

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