Hire Faster and Smarter by using a Hiring funnel

Hire Faster and Smarter by using a Hiring funnel

Today I am here to answer some questions on how to Hire Faster and Smarter by using a Hiring funnel – designed and executed for organisations by Pexitics.

At Pexitics, we have created a process specially designed for recruitment of Tech resources in IT , ITES companies and IT department of organisations. This hiring funnel and filtering mechanism is very useful to quickly

  1. understand the candidate – is he seriously looking for a job? As a person, what is his priority?
  2. understand a candidate’s fitment to the companies’ roles – does he meet the skill criterion?
  3. then bring the candidate into an interview/ s – at this stage the number of interviews required to understand the candidate is 1 or 2 rounds
  4. Create a final offer (or rejection) .

The aim is that each candidate that enters the funnel should be able to exit the final between 7 to 10 working days with either an appointment letter or a rejection email.

Do you monitor the efficiency of your Hiring Funnel today ?

To ensure the above, Pexitics engages its testing platform -Pexitest.com, and a Digital Hiring Expert with the organization and enables the following (sample process) :

  • Day 1 : The 4 I Psychometric test as a part of applying for the job – the average time for this test is 3 -5 mins .
  • Day 2: An expert chat with the candidate from Pexitest (pexitest.com) team to ensure some critical / key delivery concepts and learning gaps are informally evaluated and discussed. (At this stage, candidates are requested to brush up some concepts before the next intervention)
  • Day 2: An approx. 10-15 min Skill / Competency test (depending on the level of hiring) is shared with the candidate to take once he feels comfortable with concepts discussed.  
  • Day 5- 7: Candidate Interview is scheduled. End of the interview should see an approval or rejection.
  • Day 7 – 10 : Offer letter / rejection email is sent.

Some common queries:

  • Is this an additional cost in our current recruitment process? : Yes. The tests start at INR 100 and are a minimal cost as compared to the efficiency boost into the process.

  • What are the inputs required from the organisation for enabling this process? : We start with requesting for fixed timeslots – maybe 30 minutes 2 times a week – for interviews from the key stakeholders.
    • Our Digital Hiring Expert talks with the business manager/s to understand the JD from his/her perspective for skills.

  • Will you help us get candidates also? : Yes, we work with partners and will be happy to work together.

  • How can we discuss this further ? : Reach Subhashini at +91 7349662320 over call or WhatsApp / or drop and email at score@pexitics.com

Do share this information out with any friend or colleague who may need such an intervention. We look forward to working with you and them

In this mad rush for Technology talent, we aim to make a difference in your recruitment today !

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