Appraisal season is here. What are you aiming for?

Appraisal season is here. What are you aiming for?

Appraisal season is here, and this is the annual cycle off the discussion with your boss and managers. Are you prepared for this discussion? Now you may ask me what exactly I mean by ‘preparation for the appraisal discussion’. It should ideally be straightforward understanding of your performance through the year.

And I will tell you that that is the most simplistic way to look at forming your own career path. A simple, ‘my manager will guide me’ attitude works well if you have an informed manager who understands your Strengths and Weakness as a professional and a person and then, acts as your mentor and guide by giving you learning inputs and help you create a great career for yourself.

Do take a moment to decide – is your manager and ‘informed and empowered’ manager? If yes, you are lucky. 

But the truth is, very few managers have this type of training or expertise. And often appraisal discussions become uncomfortable ‘moments of truth’:

  • when you may have put up all your effort, but the manager is just not convinced that you deserve a rating of 100 on 100.
  • Or, if you are rated 100 on 100, the comments on career path progression and learning needs are not clearly defined.

Then the question becomes, how can we empower ourselves and be our guide to a great career? As in everything, we should start by:

  1. Measuring ourselves: Aptitude, Work Behavior, Interests and Expertise
  2. Comparing with our Peers: yes, let’s check out the competition
  3. Understand our options: Job Roles and industry where we will succeed naturally

This will help us also understand the areas and skills we need to invest our time to Learn and Upskill. Also, which type of jobs and industries we should target within and outside the current organization.

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