Are you READY… to be a Data Scientist?

Are you READY… to be a Data Scientist?

Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning are affiliated fields. Also, they need a composition of Skills – Business Problem understanding, Statistics and Software (coding) – to execute a project.

Data is the new oil .

Often young professionals rush into courses with the dream that they will come out with a great job. But did you know that there are many ‘types’ of jobs in these domains?     Let’s look at the top 3 roles out there.

  1. Data Scientist: A data scientist knows a bit of everything; every step of the project, because of that, they can offer better insights on the best solutions for a specific project and uncover patterns and trends. Often, in big companies, team leaders in charge of people with specialized skills are data scientists; their skill set allows them to overlook a project and guide them from start to finish.
  2. Data Analyst: Data analysts are responsible for different tasks such as visualizing, transforming, and manipulating the data. Sometimes they are also responsible for web analytics tracking and A/B testing analysis.
  3. Data Engineer: Data engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining data pipelines. They need to test ecosystems for the businesses and prepare them for data scientists to run their algorithms.

The list also contains job roles like Business Intelligence specialist, Reporting specialist, Banking Analyst, Sales Analyst, Data Strategy analyst etc.

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