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Charting Your Legal Career: Navigating Opportunities and Choices for LLB and LLM Graduates

a law degree offers a wide array of career options. Choose your path by aligning your degree, personal preferences, and the RAISEC model. Keep in mind that career satisfaction often comes from finding a balance between financial rewards and personal fulfillment. Adapt and refine your choices as you gain experience and better understand your strengths and interests.

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Navigating the Cloud: Exploring Careers in Database Management and Cloud Services for engineers and non-engineers

The realm of database management and cloud services offers an exciting array of career opportunities for tech enthusiasts. As organizations continue to embrace cloud-based solutions, the demand for skilled professionals will only intensify. By acquiring the right set of skills and qualifications, aspiring individuals can embark on a rewarding journey towards success in these dynamic and evolving fields. Whether you choose to become a Database Administrator, Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud DevOps Engineer, or Data Engineer, the sky’s the limit in the cloud-driven landscape of the future.

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What Business wants in People Management – to succeed in 2022

Emerging trends in HR include

  1. Data becomes the new currency – HR Analytics
  2. Technology focused on Performance (PMS & BSC): Technology is unemotional, and the best tool used for this
  3. L&D: Workers have the skills and tools they need to navigate uncertainty: Progressive companies should have a robust learning and development environment built in to prevent or better equipped to handle the vagaries of external environment.

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