Data Science for future

Data Science for future

Do you want to work in the space of AI , Machine Learning and Robotic brain will find this to be a great starting point. Be ready for hard work for a get a future !!

What am I talking about ?

Children love apps, games, online shopping and chatting. They are open to careers in these spaces that they love. As the Tech boom on 2005 – 2015 showed us, Computer Engineers became very high in demand – their earning became DOUBLE that of all other engineers!!

Before this, the students used to opt for Electronics and Mechanical Engineering if they were toppers. This happened because of the outsourcing of Tech jobs from the US to India. Tech boomed in the USA but they did not have enough qualified Computer engineers to handle the jobs. The same type of boom is starting for Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Lets help our children ride the wave !

We want to inculcate in the children the ability to interpret and learn at a happy pace. This ensures that they develop a deeper interest and love for data and its utility as a part of our future. For us at Pexitics, this is a labour of love with our own children who are part of this interesting journey.

The idea is not to push out children like a factory, but generate intense curiosity and learning for the child to lead the future of tomorrow through graded and combinatory learning techniques. This will ensure that they also stand to excel at data-related subjects like maths with ease even for the school syllabus. We urge you to view this learning intervention as Applied Mathematics.

Secondly, today we are seeing the emergence of Analytics and Data Science specialisations being offered at the Bachelors level for subjects such as commerce. This highlights the importance Analytics carries today and for the future generation of jobs and careers. Subjects like Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail & Hospitality are joining the ranks of Engineering and Analytics led industries like Aviation and Technology.

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