First Time Managers Program – Identify and Grow them today

First Time Managers Program – Identify and Grow them today

There is huge merit to the idea that homegrown talent is best for first-time managers. Homegrown talent refers to employees who have started out with the company and grown within the organization. These employees are familiar with the company culture and already have established relationships with other team members.

Homegrown talent can also benefit from the familiarity with the company’s goals, mission, and values, which could mean that they are more intrinsically motivated to work towards those goals. Furthermore, they have already demonstrated their loyalty and investment in the company, which may lead to increased morale and job satisfaction. This, in turn, could lead to decreased turnover rates and training costs.

If you are looking at an effective, data and insights-based process to creating a pool of First Time Managers in your organisation, then we urge you to reach us for a discussion.

A great way to do this as a standard, repeatable, successful process is to use a 2 Step approach for your Performers (employees with high appraisal ratings)

Step 1. Do they show potential for Managerial roles?  Use Competency Assessments from PexiTest to assess their current aptitude and behaviour capabilities.

Step 2: Choose the best of the Performers to groom and mentor into First Time Managers (FTM)

One critical decision is the identification of the right set of Top Talent for FTM program. Are High Performing (as per Performance appraisals) employees in Junior positions ready to take on Team Management and other Managerial responsibilities? Measure them today for Readiness (interest + aptitude) and then put them through a program to make them home grown FTMs.

A successful program for FTM covers broadly these 3 segments:

  • Understanding the manager role & its deliverables
  • Managing the emotional challenges of transition
  • Managing multiple stakeholders including former peers

Use the power of technology and people to build a great organisation where performance is rewarded with growth, bottoms up.  

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