Reading the PexiScore Report


The PexiScore report is a 9-10 page report (depending on the number of questions that the Hiring Manager has asked the applicants)

Page 1 – Here we understand the basic information of the candidate like: Name of applicant, hiring manager, Date and the Job Code against which the Applicant is being evaluated.


Page 2 – This is the brief resume of the applicant. Here you can see information related to

  • Functional area, Job Description
  • The PexiScore (which is the fitment score and ranges from 300- 800)
  • The Applicant / Candidate’s resume related to his
    • Personal Information (Contact details, Total experience etc.)
    • Current job (Name of Organisation, Functional area, team size etc.)


Page 3 – This page has a brief description of the PexiScore and how to use it.


Page 4 – This page has the fact – to – fact match table. Here you will see what you had put in the Job Description and which areas the Applicant matches the requirement. Areas where he does not match show up in red


Figure 1 – this is part of the table that will appear in Page 4




This page also has the calculation of Relevant Experience across Location, Industry and Function

Figure2 – The Relevant experience table looks as follows.


Page 5 – This page contains the graphs related to measured traits of Leadership, Work Environment fit, Personal Attributes and Execution Ability.



Page 6 – This page contains comments for each Sub attribute (E.g. – Team Management, Situational Judgement etc.)



Page 7 – This page contains the Applicant’s score across JD Match, Behaviour and Skills.

It also contains the response to the various skill questions and HR questions in verbatim so that the assessor can understand the applicant’s response.


Page 8 – This page contains the Detailed Candidate Information in terms of Qualifications and Jobs. There is a table which also tells us how the applicant rates his/her technology competence across items like Java, Excel etc.


Page 9 – this page contains the reporting structure of the applicant’s current organisation, Languages known and Identification details


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