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Over the past few months, whenever we have talked about PexiScore, we have often been asked how it is different from an HRMS. While could make the Application Tracking System (ATS) component of an HRMS redundant, it in no way, is a substitute for an end to end HRMS system. This is specifically because has been built for a very specific purpose: Measuring Job Fit. It is an algorithm enabled Online Assessment platform that uses a scoring model to measure a candidate’s suitability for a job.  However, an HRMS system can be greatly augmented by connecting itself to’s assessment engine. To understand this further lets first understand the characteristics of both an HRMS and

What is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS)?

A Human Resource Management system could refer to any software or technology that enables organizations to manage the human resource function and track it all the way from recruitment to exit. The system itself, evolved as a strategy to cope with the vast amount of Job Applications that organizations started receiving once online job applications became a reality. Soon, Application Tracking Systems were not sufficient to manage the increasing complex human resource function. Now, an HRMS system has evolved from merely being an ATS (Application Tracking System) to a comprehensive system that tracks an employees’ history within an organization starting from the first point of contact. The system lets human resource managers keep the information up to date and accurate, and helps them save time to focus on the more critical and qualitative aspects of their task.

Where does PexiScore come into the picture?

To understand the difference between an HRMS and, it is important to know what exactly PexiScore helps you accomplish. PexiScore is an assessment platform that lets you set up assessments to shortlist candidates for interviews using the comprehensive parameter of Job Fit. The PexiScore itself, is a Job Fit score that ranks candidates according to predicted suitability for the job, based on Job Description (JD) to resume match, Skill to JD match, aptitude match and behaviour match in relation to the JD. is a standalone assessment platform that works effectively, independent of an HRMS system. also lets you access candidate data post assessments. This data helps the hiring manager to select better candidates faster while significantly reducing hiring costs.

 PexiScore and HRMS

What is Pexitics?

Pexitics is the creator of PexiScore. Its core expertise lies in HR Analytics and its experts are known as knowledge creators in the realm of Data Analytics. Pexitics offers consulting solutions and training modules to prepare HR teams to adopt and deploy HR Analytics within their organizations.

If your organization has an end to end HRMS system, and chooses to use PexiScore Assessments and Engages with Pexitics for HR Analytics consulting, our points of engagement would be as follows. However, it is important to note that they are both standalone offerings and can be used by any organization regardless of whether they have an HRMS or whether they need HR Analytics Consulting.

   PexiScore and HRMS

While PexiScore is not a replacement of an HRMS system, it can actually augment your organization’s HRMS’ capacity. While PexiScore can be used without HRMS integration, a customized version of the platform can be hived off and integrated with your organization’s HRMS to ensure that you have complete control over your hiring data. You can count on the same quality of customer support across both the universally available and the customized version build to fit your organization’s needs.  An augmented HRMS with the power of could result in significant resource efficiencies while improving the health of your workforce.

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