3 reasons why PexiScore works for the Hiring Team


Dear Hiring team ,

Are you bored going through CVs ? Ever wonder why the CVs are all so different ? So tired that you would like a matching system on the lines of Flipkart or Amazon where you can tick and choose what you are looking for? Check out Pexiscore.com. Each CV comes out exactly looking the same with no flowery English and very clear tables which tell you where the CV matches your job and where it does not !! There is also a dashboard where u can sort, filter and click and choose the candidate u want.

Lets move into a system where the computers do the basic work and we in the Hiring team take the decisions !

Case 1 – Sales people are always required . Attrition is high and the performance is often not as good as we want. We fill vacancies in Bangalore and the we get request from the Sales team in Mumbai for a similar profile. Can we escape the repetition of creating Job Descriptions ?

Yes you can . Use the “Replicate JD” button on Pexiscore.com . No need to re-enter data for similar jobs over and over again !!

Case 2 – Tele callers are always required . Attrition is high and the performance is often not as good as we want. We received 100 CVs last month and want to evaluate those CVs against the new opening that has come up today . Is that possible ?

Yes , definitely . Use Pexiscore.com and trigger a matching of CVs received under one Job for another Job . Use the power of Analytics to make the most of your pool of CVs

Case 3 – The company has decided to adopt BigData Analytics as a team. The CEO has asked us to get 30 people across all levels in 30 days ! These are highly in demand resources. also we do not have any competency to evaluate fitment for such a team internally in HR . What should we do ?

Use PexiScore.com. This is a neutral friend of Hiring  which will allow you to Score the candidates on facts and figures . Just Score < Sort and Interview the best !

Lets make hiring fun by doing the fun parts and letting pexiscore.com do the drudge work


Team pexiscore

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