3 reasons for the Business Head to use PexiScore for hiring


Dear Business Head,

Do you feel you end up wasting a lot of time rejecting CVs which HR has recommended ? Do you wonder why you need to interview 30 people to choose 3? Use PexiScore.com as you Hiring Advisor. Get HR to route all candidates through PexiScore.com and get a scored pool – Matched for Resume meeting Job Requirements and Scored on Aptitude + Behavior + Skills . Enter the dashboard , sort , click and shortlist the best candidates . Each candidate profile has a CV which looks the same and helps you compare better.

Score, Sort and Shortlist . Understand any exceptions at a glance and take approvals upfront.

Case 1 – How can I get productive team members ? Every year the cost of business increases – how can I get more productivity?

Choose PexiScore.com for hiring. The PexiScore gives you the score to identify the best person for the job . The Candidate is matched for Resume meeting Job Requirements and Scored on Aptitude + Behavior + Skills. A focus on skills and softer aspects ensures a better fitment holistically.

Case 2 – I keep getting References from my team members . Since there are no open positions in my team , I cannot do anything with those resumes. However, when I have an open position, I want to go back and refer to the candidates who had earlier come to me for jobs . How can I do this ?

Request the Candidates to make their profile on PexiScore.com and take a test against a possible opening (create a Job Description and keep it live for 12 months) . You can refer back whenever the position gets opened !!

Case 3 – People from other departments approach me for jobs . How do I know they even fit ?

Use Pesiscore.com to get these aspirants to apply for the job. If they make the grade as well as an external candidate it becomes your choice !! Just Score > Sort and Interview the best !

Lets give the best candidate (internal or external) a chance .


Team PexiScore

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