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The libraries are stuffed, book-shops are getting flooded and authors are wiping out forests for books on how to manage yourself, subordinates, peers, relatives, spouses, children and even parents. Volumes are written about Strategies, Rules and Chicken soups recipes of how to get success. Surprisingly enough, there are hardly anyContinue Reading
HR Analytics for employee engagement
Data scientists at Pexitics are approached for HR Analytics consulting when organizations have an HR problem that they want to solve. So was the case, with an organization that used engagement surveys, to measure employee engagement. The organization wanted to find out how they could improve overall engagement levels atContinue Reading
Building great teams
High performing individuals don’t contribute critically to a team’s success, proper communication does. This is what a study published in the Harvard Business Review, in 2012, discovered, while exploring what building great teams meant. Teams with stronger and more equally weighted relationships within them performed better, regardless of the mix ofContinue Reading
Over the past few months, whenever we have talked about PexiScore, we have often been asked how it is different from an HRMS. While could make the Application Tracking System (ATS) component of an HRMS redundant, it in no way, is a substitute for an end to end HRMSContinue Reading
Pre-requisites for using PexiScore
The short answer when it comes to competency frameworks is that: it is good to have but you can still use assessments like PexiScore without them. In fact, PexiScore can help you build a competency framework while you use it. On July 1st Pexitics held its first official webinar toContinue Reading
On July 1st 2017, Pexitics held the first of its official webinars to talk about technology and analytics in the space of hiring and to introduce PexiScore. This is the third article in the series that delves into key points of discussion that were raised in the webinar and focuses,Continue Reading
psychometric assessments
A lot of large scale organizations have started using psychometric assessments for shortlisting candidates while hiring. A 2013 HBR article stated that 18% of companies had already adopted psychometrics assessments and that the rate of adoption was grow at the rate of 10 to 15% a year. Citigroup, Ford Motor,Continue Reading
Banking Analytics Course
Recently we were involved in creating and delivering a course on Banking Analytics for one of our customers.   The course was designed in such a way to have multiple channels for delivery. It was to be hosted on a learning management system so that interested people could take itContinue Reading
Integrating Technology and Analytics into Hiring
On the 1st of July 2017, Pexitics hosted its first webinar to introduce PexiScore to the HR fraternity. This is the first of a series of articles that zooms into the key points raised during the webinar. The webinar was co-presented by Peoples Analytics Commons and The session wasContinue Reading
the future of work
Are you a fan of futuristic sci-fi fiction that describes dystopian or faux utopian futures that have gone wrong or right because of the advancement of technology? Material that deals with these themes feeds off the uncertainty of how the future is going to turn out for mankind in aContinue Reading
We have implemented Google Analytics on our website ( and have been trying to track the number of visitors, their activities and their different behavior pattern using various goals, filters and campaigns. Google Analytics is an important tool which provides a wide range of features to generate data of theContinue Reading
Soft Data in HR Analytics
Analytics is considered to be very much a desktop centred job. Those who love working with data, experience the pleasure of drowning in its chaos, while mining for eureka moments using statistical softwares and coding. Thanks to big data – there is a lot of data out there, for suchContinue Reading
HR Analytics
  What does it look like once the human resources department starts planning to adopt HR Analytics? It could look something like this. The HR team is gearing up to have fun – sweating it out analysing data, getting the arsenal in place and then – SHOOT!! As the HRContinue Reading
PexiScore Report
The PexiScore report is a 9-10 page report (depending on the number of questions that the Hiring Manager has asked the applicants) Page 1 – Here we understand the basic information of the candidate like: Name of applicant, hiring manager, Date and the Job Code against which the Applicant isContinue Reading
Assessments for Hiring
Assessments for hiring have been around for a while. However, most organizations have been reluctant to adopt them.  The human resource function is very person centric. While there is no dearth of innovation within the hiring process, there has been a significant lack of training and education to enable theContinue Reading
Google Analytics provide a wide range of features to generate data of the website’s traffic. The data generated can be modified and customized to meet the requirement of the company. It could be product specific, event specific or information specific. These data and their close analysis lead us to knowContinue Reading
Today when we think of Hiring, the default options that come to our mind are the top job sites like Naukri, Monster India, Times Jobs and Shine etc. These act as job boards, where we recruiters create jobs and know that millions of users will access the jobs. Candidate whoContinue Reading
LinkedIn has over time emerged as a recruiter’s paradise. We suddenly have access to so many people and a view of their professional profiles. The search button helps a recruiter to find out people with specific education, skills, experience etc. What started out as a boon has now become anContinue Reading
3 Features of PexiScore
3 things I like about PexiScore – The PexiScore concept The assessment, scoring and report Shortlisting candidates 1.    The concept PexiScore is an assessment platform that helps shortlist candidates while hiring. It simplifies and fine tunes the shortlisting process through the PexiScore (People Excellence Indicator Score). The conventional process ofContinue Reading
hiring needs to change
The Cambridge Dictionary defines hiring as “the act of starting to employ someone”. But for any seasoned HR person, the definition of hiring is much more complex. It means employing someone with the right skills, the right personality, the right experience and the right professional goals that align with organizationalContinue Reading
PexiScore for Internal Hiring
Dear Business Head, Do you feel you end up wasting a lot of time rejecting CVs which HR has recommended ? Do you wonder why you need to interview 30 people to choose 3? Use as you Hiring Advisor. Get HR to route all candidates through and getContinue Reading
Dear Hiring team , Are you bored going through CVs ? Ever wonder why the CVs are all so different ? So tired that you would like a matching system on the lines of Flipkart or Amazon where you can tick and choose what you are looking for? Check out EachContinue Reading
Job Fit
Dear HR Managers, Do you often feel that some parts of hiring requirements like Skills required, Names of software and techniques and Process knowledge “Business knows best” ? As HR Managers hiring across many job roles and diverse functions, its getting increasingly difficult to remember and understand what makes aContinue Reading
AI in Hiring
In 1999 launched itself with super bowl ads that catapulted it to first place, displacing any other job boards that were trying to emerge at that time. This $4 million investment by transformed their brand at that time and played a huge role in making it the giantContinue Reading
Teaching Millenials
Teaching millennials is not easy. But that is not a bad thing. These social media savvy, smart, flash fast smartphone tappers’ generation of humanity was born in an age dramatic technological transformation. Their attention spans may seem shorter but their insights are often sharper. What I have also noticed isContinue Reading