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Google Analytics provide a wide range of features to generate data of the website’s traffic. The data generated can be modified and customized to meet the requirement of the company. It could be product specific, event specific or information specific. These data and their close analysis lead us to knowContinue Reading
Today when we think of Hiring, the default options that come to our mind are the top job sites like Naukri, Monster India, Times Jobs and Shine etc. These act as job boards, where we recruiters create jobs and know that millions of users will access the jobs. Candidate whoContinue Reading
LinkedIn has over time emerged as a recruiter’s paradise. We suddenly have access to so many people and a view of their professional profiles. The search button helps a recruiter to find out people with specific education, skills, experience etc. What started out as a boon has now become anContinue Reading
3 Features of PexiScore
3 things I like about PexiScore – The PexiScore concept The assessment, scoring and report Shortlisting candidates 1.    The concept PexiScore is an assessment platform that helps shortlist candidates while hiring. It simplifies and fine tunes the shortlisting process through the PexiScore (People Excellence Indicator Score). The conventional process ofContinue Reading
hiring needs to change
The Cambridge Dictionary defines hiring as “the act of starting to employ someone”. But for any seasoned HR person, the definition of hiring is much more complex. It means employing someone with the right skills, the right personality, the right experience and the right professional goals that align with organizationalContinue Reading
PexiScore for Internal Hiring
Dear Business Head, Do you feel you end up wasting a lot of time rejecting CVs which HR has recommended ? Do you wonder why you need to interview 30 people to choose 3? Use as you Hiring Advisor. Get HR to route all candidates through and getContinue Reading
Dear Hiring team , Are you bored going through CVs ? Ever wonder why the CVs are all so different ? So tired that you would like a matching system on the lines of Flipkart or Amazon where you can tick and choose what you are looking for? Check out EachContinue Reading
Job Fit
Dear HR Managers, Do you often feel that some parts of hiring requirements like Skills required, Names of software and techniques and Process knowledge “Business knows best” ? As HR Managers hiring across many job roles and diverse functions, its getting increasingly difficult to remember and understand what makes aContinue Reading
AI in Hiring
In 1999 launched itself with super bowl ads that catapulted it to first place, displacing any other job boards that were trying to emerge at that time. This $4 million investment by transformed their brand at that time and played a huge role in making it the giantContinue Reading
Teaching Millenials
Teaching millennials is not easy. But that is not a bad thing. These social media savvy, smart, flash fast smartphone tappers’ generation of humanity was born in an age dramatic technological transformation. Their attention spans may seem shorter but their insights are often sharper. What I have also noticed isContinue Reading
Start-ups and Rocketships
Start-ups are rocket ships fuelled by dreams. Well that’s the poetic (and very limited) way of looking at it. But on the ground start-ups are sometimes built out of the murkiest stuff. Initial negotiations with funders are like mud wrestling matches under the tropical sun. Working in borrowed spaces, peopleContinue Reading
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The journey has made us giddy and it is fantastic to be where we are; setting up of a new office, talking to new customers, settling old bills and smelling the coffee. The challenges however lie in the HR segment. For a young startup, we seem to have our fingersContinue Reading
We keep meeting and discussing data, being a core part of our job. Data enthuses us, and also encourages us to explore what benefits we can bring to the table for clients who already have a vast repository of data, most of which is stores in a non-sequential, unorganized orContinue Reading
  The workforce is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. And we workforce managers – the HR team, has to deal with and manage a restless, ever-changing, varied workforce. What are the key trends that we can expect? We will see much more flexible policies for engaging theContinue Reading
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Ravi, a highly engaged, hard-working, congenial guy was the ideal employee. He was consistently rewarded at almost all award functions within the organization. Everyone called him ‘the guy’, the one who could always be depended upon, that one ideal employee who could represent the organization in the best light. HeContinue Reading
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What do we think of when we hear the term Employee Engagement? A lot of us have filled up those long annual employee engagement surveys at some point in our careers. Designed with the intention to gauge the pulse of an organizations employee, they try to understand the stickiness factor.Continue Reading