What is the trade off between Organizational Culture Fit and Job Fit?


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    “Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. That’s why it’s a key trait to look for when recruiting.” says Katie Bouton in her article in the Harvard Business Review

    Everybody is unique with a different set of personality traits, behavioral traits and values which define their strengths and weaknesses and their ability or inability to work productively in a given organizational environment. According to Dr. Kerry Schofield “Those in ‘congruent’ jobs which matched their personality reported feeling more competent.”

    Culture Fit

    Source: Culture Fit in the Workplace: What It Is and Why It’s Important by Dr. Kerry Schofield

    But how can organizations assess cultural fit? How can cultural fit be mapped against job fit? What processes should organizations follow so that they hire the right fit people who will contribute lasting value?

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    If you find a job-fit, the candidate may move outside when his/her skills improve to match to jobs that now fit more. However, in a cultural fit, it’s a deep sea fitment and candidates don’t leap into the land as they get adapted to the water like fishes.
    Cultural Fit is deep; don’t look for cultural fit in project work; seek high job-fit. If you need an employee to groom and lead the organisation for a long haul, seek a cultural fit.

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