What does it mean to build a positive or a more human organization?


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    Positive organizations are said to make the utmost from their human resources. Kathy Caprino on Forbes.com talks about 6 essential ways to build a positive organization:
    1. Focus Behavior on the Do’s, Not Just the Don’ts
    2. Help People Connect Positive Meaning to Their Tasks and Projects
    3. Offer People Structured Freedom to Shape Their Own Roles
    4. Build Positive Self-Identities at Work
    5. Draw Strength from High Quality Connections
    6. Find the Energy in Your Organization

    The “Institute for Positive Organizational Health” developed a model for positive organizational health which is a framework that displays the interconnectedness between individuals, organizations and communities.

    the model
    Source: Health, Well-being, and the Fierce Urgency of Now by Jennifer Pitts, PhD

    What would you identify as a truly positive or human organization? Have you experience working in an environment that has engendered positivity or have you experienced the opposite? What can business leaders today do to build such organizations?

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    I like Jennifer’s article and thoughts on this and believe one should read her original post using the link above to get a clue on what the authors want to say. Well summarised.

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