What are the hottest trends in HR Technology?


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    The gap between HR and technology is closing albeit slowly. On the bright side, it seems to be a marriage that cannot be avoided in the near future. Meghan M. Biro at Forbes.com talks about 7 of the hottest trends in HR Technology.
    She predicts the following:
    1. There Will Be A Move MOVE +% From Quantity To Quality.
    2. The Number Of So-Called Breakthrough HR Technologies Will Diminish.
    3. It’s All About Implementation.
    4. Analytics Is The Special Sauce.
    5. Social Media And Continuous Learning Continues To Grow In Significance.
    6. Real Time Talent Management Matters.
    7. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

    What do you think about these 7 trends and do you agree that HR is moving positively towards these directions? Are there trends that you have identified within your organization? Here is a clip by TopDogHR about HR tech trends that were predicted for 2016.

    What can you predict for 2017?

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the business landscape at quite a rapid pace. Companies are moving on from adopting digital to leveraging the computing power of the digital environment that has been enhanced by technologies like cloud computing. But AI is not limited to product development alone. AI has the potential to enhance the internal functioning of a business and the Human Resource Management function is one are where this potential is being recognized.

    From hiring to employee engagement, AI can automate the workflow, improve the recruitment process, create prediction models with much higher rates of success and allow personalization in terms of employee engagement and development to a very minute level of detail.

    We have already seen the hiring process change with the advent of online job boards and application tracking systems (ATS). The next level of innovation is quite logically the integration of AI and Machine learning. This can be predicted to improve employee attrition rates and job satisfaction by making the employee the center of the process. Interestingly this process of automation can actually potentially result in further humanizing the process of hiring.

    What is AI

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