Is the old Performance Review dead?


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    Conventional performance reviews are now being discredited on a large scale by experts who feel that conventional metrics are not the accurate measure of an employees contribution to the organization and tend to be biased by interpersonal relationships within the organization.

    CEB a global best practice insights and technology company conducted a survey and found that more than 9 in 10 managers are dissatisfied with how their companies conduct annual performance reviews, and almost 9 in 10 HR leaders say the process doesn’t yield accurate information.

    Big names like GE, Accenture, Netflix and Adobe have already said no Performance Reviews:

    performance review

    Source: Is the Annual Performance Review Dead? by Dana Wilkie

    If conventional performance reviews are really dead, what can replace it? Are they really dead or do they need an overhaul? Is it just something broken that needs to be fixed or weed that needs to be pulled out? What has your experience been during the annual performance review? Is it time to shift from an annual to an ongoing process?

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    Reuben Ray

    Performance reviews are punching bags.
    The senior punches the junior; the fellow has to quietly observe and stay put till a new offer is on the way. Treading the thin line between performance inputs and judgemental bias is a true test of verbal leadership. How do you put across your views while ensuring that the reportee doesn’t feel being judged? The answer is collaborative. The performance review should be junked and collaborative response on the efforts vis-à-vis results, if done real-time, reduces the need to be guns blaring during a performance review and every customer be treated like a project and the team/individual rated on effort and results both.
    This can be accumulated and scored for a final rating of the employee on D-Day and celebrate the scores, however poor or great it might be! That perhaps boosts the morale and does away with the age-old review culture.
    A small insight; core industries seem to be happy following the older practices while new-age companies are getting into more open and liberated work ethics.

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    The Normal distribution in performance reviews work only if the team members have same deliverables .. else its not statistically relevant .

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